About Us

Horn InServices, Inc.

Programs and Services Provided
Services include one-hour live and take-home CEUs for Social Workers, Nurses, and Certified Case Managers. In addition, we provide long-term care facility staff inservices on regulatory-required topics. Caregiver education in a variety of settings is also available.

Robyn Horn

Founder & President
Robyn Horn has a Master’s degree in Long-Term Care Administration from the University of North Texas as well as an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. She served as a licensed nursing home administrator for 13 years which included two years at an Alzheimer’s assisted living facility. Robyn has facilitated several caregiver support groups in both facility and community settings.

All H.I.S. Cornerstone educational programs have been created by Robyn Horn and colleagues in the fields of social work, nursing, and other geriatric areas of practice.