These 30-45 minute programs can be sponsored by your organization to educate caregivers on relevant topics as well as to discuss the services that your company provides for the elderly. They have been presented successfully in a variety of settings: 

  • Long-term Care Facility (Family night, community events)
  • Retirement Communities
  • Support Group Meetings
  • Community (Senior centers, civic organizations, men and women’s groups)
  • Places of Business (Lunchtime programs for corporate employees)
  • Places of Worship (Senior and caregiver groups, general congregation)

•  Alzheimer’s Activities from A to Z
Demonstrates a variety of activities that caregivers can utilize with their loved ones including techniques for modification and communication strategies.

•  Alzheimer’s Disease: Prevention, Detection, and Intervention
Explores the latest findings on how to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, how to detect warning signs and symptoms, and how to assess the appropriate treatment and care for persons with Alzheimer’s.

•  End of Life Issues: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Care
Focuses on advanced directives as well as family and patient considerations when coping with end of life.

•  Get in the Game: Discover Winning Care Options for Seniors
Discusses the many care options available to the elderly from services available in the home to long-term care facility placement and everything in between. The program also describes payer sources and eligibility guidelines for each level of care.

•  Living Well in the 21st Century: A Guide for Seniors
Summarizes the research to-date regarding lifestyle choices that can impact the quality of life for the elderly including nutrition, exercise, socialization, etc.

•  The Detrimental Effects of Caregiver Stress: Who is Taking Care of You?
Utilizes stress assessment tools for the caregiver as well as provides tangible solutions to prevent and/or alleviate caregiver burnout.

•  Specific Programs for Places of Worship

  • Fruit of the Spirit: Recognizing the Spiritual Attributes of a Caregiver
  • Keeping the Faith During Difficult Times: Faith Always Is Trusting Him
  • Preparing for the Holidays: Finding Comfort and Joy Amidst the Hustle and Bustle
  • Word of God Speak: What the Bible Says about Caring for the Elderly

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