We are so glad you are utilizing our online bulk CE purchase option! This new method of ordering your CE courses allows you to maximize your interaction with your referral sources and/or staff members.

How Does This Work?
Manually Enroll User
Manage Users or Remove Users
Create a Group Code
Group Code Instruction Sheet

How does this work?

  1. In your Manage Group page, you will find all of your Group CE courses
  2. Select the group you would like to access
  3. Change the image and title of your Group for your personal preference (Company Logo/Event Name)
  4. Enroll users in your group through either manual enrollment or Group Code enrollment

Manually Enroll User

  1. Click Enroll New User on your group page
  2. You may manually type in the user’s name and email address or upload a .csv spreadsheet
  3. An email will be sent to the user with information on how to access their free CE course, sponsored by you!

How to Manage Users

  1. Click on the Report tab and select the course
  2. View each enrolled user’s course progress, email address and completed certificate
  3. If a user as not yet completed any course steps (post-test and evaluation), you may “nudge” them by sending a re-invite email under the Enrolled Users tab
  4. If you would like to remove a user for any reason, select remove next to the user’s name and a request will be sent to us to remove the user for you

How to Create a Group Code

  1. Click the Group Code tab > Create New Group Code
  2. Create a unique code for your users (example: HISC521; abbreviate your company name and add 3 numbers)
  3. Specify the time frame which users can use the code (example: 1 year)
  4. Skip Validation Rules
  5. Share group code with participants by editing the sample instruction sheet below with your unique code and expiration date

If you have any questions, please contact Morgan Taylor at mtaylor@hiscornerstone.com. We hope you enjoy this new and improved process!

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