Alzheimer’s Disease

(Live CEUs)

•  Alzheimer’s Disease 2020:  What the Future Holds in Prevention, Detection, and Treatment
An estimated 5.2 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s Disease, and by 2050 this disease is expected to cost the nation $1.3 trillion a year.  Explores the latest findings on how to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, how to detect warning signs and symptoms, and how to assess the appropriate treatment and care for the Alzheimer’s patient.

•  A Day in the Life of an Alzheimer’s Patient:  Enhancing Care Through Communication and Activity Modification
Demonstrates effective communication strategies with Alzheimer’s patients when providing care in both hospital and community settings and shows how creative activity modification can enhance their daily experiences.

•  End of Life Issues with Alzheimer’s Disease:  Ethical Family and Patient Considerations
Explores the ethical decisions that must be made as the Alzheimer’s patient reaches the end stages of the disease and encourages healthcare professionals to take a more active role in helping families make emotional care choices.