Organizational Training

(Live CEUs)

•  Catch the Wave:  Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences to Improve Patient Care
Describes how providing positive customer experiences can enhance patient satisfaction and improve care outcomes.

•  Compassion Fatigue and Professional Caregiver Burnout:  The Detrimental Effect on Patient Care
Healthcare professionals will learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and develop strategies to overcome burnout so that they can provide better care for their patients.

•  Communication, Conflict and Common Ground
Explore and practice communication strategies and techniques designed to find common ground and work through conflicts with patients, families, co-workers, other professionals, etc. in healthcare settings.

• Ethical Leadership: The Healthcare Professional’s Duty in an Ever-Changing World
Review ethical principles, values, and standards while discussing ethical dilemmas facing the elderly population today (i.e. end of life issues, sexuality, substance abuse, confidentiality).

•  Influential Leadership: Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of Those You Serve
As healthcare continues to transform, professionals must also change their behavior to affect positive patient outcomes and organizational performance. Leadership characteristics such as trust, accountability, and team dynamics will be discussed in terms of the impact they have on patients, families, co-workers, and the healthcare organization as a whole.

•  Time Management for Case Management: Innovative Strategies to Improve Productivity and Patient Care
By effectively managing time, case managers and other healthcare professionals can learn to become more efficient at work. Explore the latest research on time management as it directly correlates to improving patient outcomes and care.