Psychosocial Issues

(Live CEUs)

•  Ageism & Ethics: Rhyme or Reason?
Explore the concept of ageism as it relates to quality of care and quality of life for the elderly patient.

•  The Benefits of Humor in Healthcare:  Laughter IS Good Medicine
Explores the scientific research concerning laughter’s affect on the body and translates this into practical ways the patient can utilize humor to improve physical and emotional care outcomes.

•  Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?  Helping the Elderly Change to Enhance Patient Compliance
Analyzes the complex nature of change in the elderly and describes evidence-based techniques and strategies towards helping motivate geriatric patient behavioral change.

•   Discovering Your Patient’s Love Language: Ethical Considerations in Providing Care to the Elderly
Encourages healthcare professionals to provide patient-centered care and to educate family caregivers to do the same using the concept of Love Languages.

•  Emotional Competence:  Treating the Patient’s Emotions in
Discusses the importance of patient emotions as it relates to healthcare and describes best practices and skill sets to provide emotionally-competent patient care.

•  Mental Health  and the Aging Population:  A Structured Healthcare Team Approach
According to the Center for Disease Control, older adults are less likely than younger persons to both report having mental health problems and seek specialty mental health services.  Mental Health disorders such as anxiety and depression adversely affect physical health and one’s ability to function, especially in older adulthood.  For example, untreated depression in an older person with heart disease can negatively affect the outcome of the disease and has been linked to rehospitalizations. Recognizes the importance of mental healthcare (i.e. depression, delirium) and its affect on the elderly patient’s well-being.  Care options and ethical considerations will be explored.

•  The Power of Positive Thinking for Healthcare Professionals: What Effect Does This Have on You and Your Patients?
Illustrates the powerful effect that the healthcare professionals’ positive outlook can have on patient, caregivers, co-workers, and themselves.

•  Senior Suicidal Risk:  Assessment, Warning Signs, and Prevention
Presents the typical warning signs of an elderly patient in the suicidal danger zone and explores strategies to appropriately respond as a healthcare provider.

•  Spirituality in Healthcare:  An Ethical Approach to Caring for Patients
Explores the latest research connecting spirituality and patient care outcomes.  Professional and ethical issues will be addressed.