(Live CEUs)

•  Confronting the Growing Problem of Elder Abuse:  The Healthcare Professional’s Role
According to the World Health Organization, “Elder abuse is a violation of human rights and a significant cause of illness, injury, loss of productivity, isolation and despair,” yet approximately six million elders were abused last year (9.5% of the population).  Defines elder abuse and neglect and outlines the professional’s responsibility in preventing, detecting, and reporting.

•  Ethical Considerations in Healthcare Provision:  Patient Referrals, Medicare Fraud and Excessive Spending
Addresses the growing concern regarding unethical patient referrals, “kickback” activities, fraudulent billing practices and waste of healthcare dollars on unnecessary and/or duplicate diagnostic procedures.

•   Scams and Shams: The Top 10 Financial Fraud Schemes Targeting Seniors
Reviews the epidemic in society today – taking advantage of vulnerable seniors. Prevention programs designed by AARP, the FBI, and the National Council on Aging will be discussed.

•  Staying on Track:  Protecting the Rights of Elderly Patients from an Ethical Perspective
Assists the healthcare professional in the decision-making process when ethical issues related to the rights of elderly patients arise.

•  Superheroes in Healthcare:  Fighting for Justice with Jurisprudence and Medical Ethics
Discusses principles of professional ethics and boundaries with the use of case studies and group participation.  Meets the Texas Board of Nursing requirement for 1.0 contact hour in ethics and includes information on the Nursing Practice Act and Texas BON Position statements.  Can also be presented as a 2 hour CEU.

•  Updated HIPAA Regulations 2020:  Protecting the Rights of Seniors
Presents a detailed look at the recent changes in the rules regarding the protection of identifiable health information, the rights granted to the elderly patient including federal enforcement of those rights and the ethical impact the law has on healthcare delivery.