Individual CE Course FAQ

How do I access my CE course after purchasing?

Login with your username and password at www.hiscornerstone.com/login. You will be redirected to your account and your course will be available there for completion. If you are already logged in, visit your account page in the top right corner of your screen.

I was given a code to access a CE course. Where do I apply the code?

You may apply your code in the left sidebar of your account page where it says Apply Group Code.

I am having trouble getting my coupon code to work. What should I do?

Be sure you are applying your code at the correct location in the left sidebar of your account page. If you are receiving an error message that the code does not exist or the limit has been reached, please reach out to mtaylor@hiscornerstone.com for assistance.

How do I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the CE course(s). If you return to your account or My CE Courses page, you may also download it under your completed course.

Bulk CE Courses FAQ

How do I know how many to order if I am not sure how many people will attend the event?

Great question! If you order more than you need, you may use any leftovers for a later event date. If you are in need of more distributions after your event, you may purchase more and add them to your online group.

I am purchasing bulk CE courses for a group distribution. How do I enroll or invite participants?

Hover over the My Account tab after purchasing and click on “Manage Group“. Scroll down and select the group which you would like to edit (if you have more than 1 group).

1. Add Users Manually
Click “Add New User”. You can manually invite members with their first name, last name and email address. You may also upload a typed Excel list of participants by clicking on “Upload Users”. (See sample .csv file if uploading users)

2. Add Users via a Group Code
If you would like to allow users to enroll themselves, you may create a Group Code and distribute the code however you wish. Your group will have a limit of users based on how many “spots” you purchase, therefore you will want to monitor your enrolled members list to ensure the names are correct.

To create your Group Code, go to Manage Group and scroll down. Select “Group Code” and “Create Group Code”. You may click “Generate” to have the system create a code for you. Or, you may personalize your code. You may also specify access dates to use the code and restrict email address domain names or IP addresses. Be sure to turn the Status of the code “ON”. The users will have 1 year to complete their course after enrolling via the Group Code.

What happens after I enroll a new participant?

The user will receive an email with their username and password along with instructions to access their course. Users will have 1 year to complete their course(s) upon enrollment. (See sample email sent to user upon manual enrollment)

I accidentally added a new user with the wrong email address. How do I remove and re-invite them?

Unfortunately, in order to prevent removing users who have already completed the course, you may not remove users from your account. To remove a user added by mistake, go to Manage Group and scroll down. Select “Remove” next to the user whom you would like to remove.

We will evaluate the removal request and remove the user if they have not completed the course. Email mtaylor@hiscornerstone.com if the removal request has not been approved within 24 hours.

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