Alzheimer’s Disease

• Alzheimer’s Disease: The Latest Research on Prevention Strategies, Diagnostic Techniques, and Treatment Options
Reviews the latest research on how to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, how to detect warning signs and symptoms, and how to assess the appropriate treatment and care for the Alzheimer’s patient.

• The Elderly Patient with Dementia: A Special Kind of Care
Stresses the importance of communicating effectively with Alzheimer’s/dementia patients to improve care in hospitals and other settings.

• Music, Memory, and Dementia: The Beat Goes On
Emphasizes the healing benefits of music therapy with the elderly population, particularly with the dementia patient. The use of “personalized music” will be discussed in terms of tapping into long-term memory and altering negative behaviors.

• Psychology of Dementia: Using Habilitation Therapy in the Care of the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Patient
Explores viewing the patient with an Alzheimer’s/dementia diagnosis from a psychological perspective, focusing not on what abilities are lost but on what remains throughout the disease process