Organizational Training

(Take Home CEUs)

• The Communication of Conflict: Finding Common Ground
Explores communication strategies and techniques designed to find common ground and work through conflicts in healthcare settings with elder patients and their families.

• Generational Differences in Healthcare: Bridging the Gap
Gain insight into generational values and belief systems and learn techniques to effectively communicate with each of the four generations represented within the patient population today.

• Improving Emotional Intelligence For Better Outcomes: Self Awareness & Self-Management
Teaches how to utilize the emotional intelligence skills of self-awareness and self-management when providing patient care to improve communication and outcomes.

• The Power of Positive Thinking for Healthcare Professionals
Illustrates the powerful effect that the healthcare professionals’ positive outlook can have on patient, caregivers, co-workers, and themselves.

• Shams, Scams, and Seniors: The Vulnerable Elder
Recognizes the growing problem of elder fraud and abuse and explores the healthcare professional’s role in terms of prevention and advocacy.