(Take Home CEUs)

• Hydration and the Elderly: “Let’s Drink to That!”
 Recognizes the signs, symptoms, risk factors, and complications of dehydration with the elderly population and provides the latest intervention and health-promotion strategies.

• Sleeping Well as We Age: Demystifying the Myth that Insomnia is a Normal Part of Aging
Discusses the risk factors/causes for insomnia and other sleep disorders late in life, the detrimental effect sleep deprivation can have on an elderly person, and the research-supported strategies for getting a good night’s sleep.

• Taking Care of the Elderly: The Benefits of Pet Therapy
Across All Settings Describes various types of pet therapy programs, and outlines research that supports the emotional, social, and physical benefits to the elderly when provided in hospitals, rehab facilities, adult day care, assisted living, SNFs, and at home.

• Train Your Brain: Brain Fitness for a Healthier You
Explores the connection between brain fitness and overall health for both healthcare professionals and their patients.