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Quality Education is the Cornerstone for Quality Care.

Continuing education for Nurses, Social Workers and Certified Case Managers. Delivering relevant and current information to satisfy your CE certifications.

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Robyn Horn, President
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Working with healthcare marketers, hospitals and home health agencies, we strive to help you grow your facilities by offering group CE discounts. With our group CE purchases, you can monitor your distributions through your online portal, set your own course expiration dates and more.

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Educating those caring for the elderly with inservice programs designed to meet individual and professional needs.

Quality Education

Nothing is deemed quality unless it is crafted with proper education.


Topics ranging from pet therapy to advance care planning, we have a course for everyone.

Quality Care

Our main priority is that patients receive the quality care they deserve. This can be obtained by providing quality education.

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Our CE topics range from a variety of categories. While many of our topics apply to geriatric care, our courses contain valuable information for all healthcare professionals.

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Alzheimer’s Disease
Our Certifications

Certified for Nurses, Social Workers and Certified Case Managers

Let us know if you have a topic suggestion! We are continually adding new courses and would love to hear your feedback.

Robyn Horn’s Book

Transforming the Mundane into Sacred: Spirituality in Caregiving for the Elderly

An inspiring book in which Robyn shares her journey to finding spiritual purpose and fulfillment in caring for the elderly and their caregivers

Our continuing education services include online, live, and webinar-based CE courses for Social Workers, Nurses, and Certified Case Managers. In addition, we provide long-term care facility staff inservices on regulatory-required topics. Caregiver education in a variety of settings is also available.

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